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After fabrication is complete comes the install. Installing is a matter of counting on professionals who know how to install since there is a great difference between laying granite and installing granite. People usually think that installing granite is just putting the stone on top but then they realized that many things need to be done such as:

  • Removing old countertops.
  • Clearing, cleaning and preparing the area.
  • Verification of measurements.
  • Notches and other adaptations of the pieces.
  • Install sinks on vanities.
  • Careful transportation of the granite pieces.
  • Leveling countertops and cabinets.
  • Fitting countertops against walls.
  • Industrial gluing of joints making them as imperceptible as possible.
  • Cutting and gluing backsplashes.
  • Caulking every piece.
  • Cleaning and sealing to prevent stains.