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The Quartz

Quartz is not a natural stone. It is engineered stone which is created through a manufacturing process. They mix approximately 95% of ground natural quartz with 5% polymer resins. It mainly has natural quartz in it with another 5% of polymer resins that are added. Resins make it hard and hold everything together. Quartz is […]


After fabrication is complete comes the install. Installing is a matter of counting on professionals who know how to install since there is a great difference between laying granite and installing granite. People usually think that installing granite is just putting the stone on top but then they realized that many things need to be […]


After it gets cut to the sizes of the measurements, we then pass it over to fabrication. At this point, experienced fabricators make and polish all the profile edges around the pieces and cut the sink out using templates. During fabrication the art of customizing takes place because every customer has his unique style and […]