A1 Granite & Biosecurity

We need to continue our lives but above all, we need to continue together. Therefore, we have strictly adopted the biosecurity protocols. Let’s fight COVID19 together!

Measuring and Cutting

From the moment we sell the material, it goes from a full slab onto our 5-axis bridge saw, which cuts in linear and circular motions creating different shapes.

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During fabrication the art of customizing takes place because every customer has his unique style and every kitchen requires adaptations.

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After fabrication is complete comes the install. Installing is a matter of counting on professionals who know how to install since there is a great difference between laying granite and installing granite.

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choose the right stone

it starts out depending on each individual taste. Each person has their own taste for material, but also things to keep in mind would be to see something is more scratch resistant than others, heat-resistant, and so on.

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Scratch resistantWon’t scratch under normal day use.xxx
Bacteria resistantNon-porous, so it does not harbor bacteria.xx
Stain resistantNon-porous, so stains cannot penetrate the surface.x
UV resistantSunlight will not fade the color.x
Exterior applicationDurable enough to withstand outdoor elements.xxxx
Heat resistantWithstand moderate temperature.xxxx
Heat proofWithstand high temperatures.xxx
Seamless appearanceIn consistent patterns. Semans are nearly invisible.xxx
Natural beautyOne of a kind with unique colors, patterns and textures.xxx
RestorableEasy to resurface.xx

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