A-1 Granite has helped create environments for employees and customers to have a space that a business can be proud of. From hotels and restaurants to professional offices, A-1 Granite has the surfacing product you are looking for.


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    A-1 Granite has helped create environments for employees and customers to have a space that a business can be proud of.


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    it starts out depending on each individual taste. Each person has their own taste for material, but also things to keep in mind would be to see something is more scratch resistant than others, heat-resistant, and so on.


    Marble has grown in popularity to be the principal stone that people employ in their personal projects. It looks great as kitchen countertops in bathrooms, tops, etc. The taste that people have for marble as decoration is not recent. It started back to the ancient Greeks, who were the first ones that started noticing the beauty of this metamorphic stone. Its unique, white appearance, purity, clarity, and transparency inspired them to begin honoring their Gods and Goddesses by using this natural stone to build a variety of temples and structures. This stone is actually a quite natural worthy material, beautiful and elegant but not pretentious. The fact of the matter is that marble is popular for a reason; the rulers, leaders, and kings of the past were using marble because it is simply gorgeous and it lasts forever; They wanted to be remembered. People found out how versatile marble can be in the invention of artistic pieces. Therefore, It was later used during history in several monuments such as the Taj Mahal, The Washington Monument, The statue of David, the Tower of Pisa among others. These are some of the most notable monuments that exist in the world. Besides the value of the marble itself, It was used for how reliable it was when it came to building, to the point that it literally lasts thousands of years. Now, Marble is used all over the world, this rock has been physically and chemically transformed by an intense heat and pressure process, and it is formed from limestone which is within the Earth’s crust. Marble certainly is one of the most expensive types of stones since each piece of marble is a unique and stunning work of art. The slabs might be of the same basic color, or they might have similar characteristics, but they are still going to have their differences; you can see all the whites, blacks, colored with a classic look and soft materials, it never goes out of style. When it comes to installing marble in your home with A1 granite, you get everything you could possibly need.

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