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How to choose the right stone

It starts out depending on each individual taste. Each person has their own taste for material, but also things to keep in mind would be to see something that is more scratch-resistant than others, heat-resistant, and so on. If the clients have a certain design that they are looking for, some materials can be easier manipulated to work for the design of any custom work. I would recommend quartz or if you have anything exotic that you want to show off I would recommend a natural stone because of the uniqueness of each slab.

If you wanted something that was a classic look I would recommend marble even though marble is softer out of all the stones; Marble is the softest, then we have granite, quartzite, and finally quartz. Marble can be used in vanities, bathrooms, places where there is not high traffic.

Granite, I would recommend using it in the kitchen, outside the kitchen, fireplaces, desks, etc. With quartz; of course, you can do the waterfall design on the islands, you can also use quartz to put in the showers, surrounding tubs, walls, etc. so, there are different ways that it can be used to help decide on which stone to use and for the most part we will definitely provide advice on anything, depending on the project as well.

A lot of times clients ask for the difference between quartz and granite or quartz and quartzite. I always explain that marble, granite, and quartzite are natural stones, which means that are stones that come out of the earth; the mountain. Then you have quartz which is an engineered stone. Quartz tries to imitate the look of the marble slab. Quartz is a lot denser and stronger than marble. You can get the marble appearance with quartz but unfortunately is not natural but still, it’s a beautiful material to keep in the house.

Granite is stronger than marble but not quite as quartz. In granite, you see a lot of colors and a lot of uniqueness running through the material. It is a porous material, but we do keep it sealed, and we also recommend sealing it every so often (every 6 months).

We personally recommend quartzite, It looks like marble but it is natural quartz. Actually, it is a mixture of quartz and granite so you have the quartzite name on it. It is the densest and strongest out of all the stones. Also, you don’t have to worry about the sealing in most of the quartzite stones. It won’t scratch, it’s heat- resistant and the uniqueness of each slab is incredible. The painting that runs across quartzite is the reason why most people go after it because it has always been a classic look, it’s classic but always in style.

The best advice we can give you is to come to our showroom to choose a stone from all the different styles and qualities we always have. Give us a call to arrange your visit please (850) 210 2564



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