A-1 Granite has helped create environments for employees and customers to have a space that a business.


Granite countertops are natural stone

The process used to create countertops starts by removing the rock from the mountains and cutting it into pieces. Granite is one of the hardest materials in the world.

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We recommend

That granite be sealed about every six months. Each slab of granite is unique and no slab is the same. There are slabs of granite that have patterns such as waves.

Our Design

Granite is resistant

No one would have the same slab of granite because each piece comes straight from the earth. Granite really helps bring the beauty of nature into the home. Granite is also heat resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.
it is a material that can be in a house for years to come.

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Our Design

it starts out depending on each individual taste. Each person has their own taste for material.

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